2017/18 Season Review

Today we have a breakdown and betting review for the 2017/18 season. At Player Line Pro we are always striving to be better and a big part of that is reflecting on what went right and what went wrong and understanding why to help us improve our product.

Below is a breakdown of last seasons bets, showing where we had great success and area’s we will break down further behind the scenes to improve.

PointsWinPushLossGrand TotalWin %

First off we broke down our overall record into unders and overs. Like seasons past the unders have always hit at a higher percentage than the overs but this year a massive 63.5% on 157 tips! We gave out almost 4 times the amount of over plays, we will definitely be bringing our focus back to more unders for the upcoming season.

The next step was to break down points, rebounds and assists.

PointsWinPushLossGrand TotalWin %
ReboundsWinPushLossGrand TotalWin %
AssistsWinPushLossGrand TotalWin %

Much like all unders, the points unders came in very strong at over 60%.

And a massive 80.77% on rebound unders, we need to review rebound over tips.

After dabbling in assist lines the previous year going 12-6 we thought we were on the right track albeit from a small sample size. However, assist tips hurt us this season on overs and unders. We will mostly avoid assists this season and focus our attention elsewhere for the time being.

Deep Dive of Points

Because of the sample size of points tip we were able to break down into 10 point margins to further dissect our tips.

PointsWinPushLossGrand TotalWin %
PointsWinPushLossGrand TotalWin %
PointsWinPushLossGrand TotalWin %

As previously mentioned all the points unders served us well. Taking a closer look at the overs we see that the 20-30 point line margin was sub 50% which makes sense that the general public likes to play the over and the fact that the 20+ per game scorers are the most renowned players in the league which would tend to push the line higher than what it should be thus also the reason that our under tips in the 20-30 margin range hit at the highest percentage.

2 unit tips

This season we also introduced 2 unit tips. We felt that we were missing out on profit by not taking advantage of the tips that we were most confident in. On a small sample size we went 4-2 in our 2 unit tips, essentially 8-4 on our regular tips which is a healthy 60%. We will look to increase the amount of 2 unit tips for the upcoming season.

Learning and Improving

  • Focusing on putting out more under points tips being at over 60% on just over 400 tips.
  • Injecting more stringent criteria for overs – especially in the 20-30 points range.
  • Minimising assist tips.
  • Increase number of two unit plays and possibly look at three unit plays.
  • Boosting the juice by not giving out any tips under $1.80 or -125 odds.

Overall Record After 3 Seasons

Win %
Units won

We also broke down our 2017/18 preseason prediction which came out at a 65% success rate, you can take a look this betting review here. We are looking forward to another successful season at Player Line Pro.

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