Why bet player lines?

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First of all Player lines or props aren’t quite like normal lines. Player lines are mostly based off of averages. Because player lines are fairly new to the betting market they’re not as popular as line or totals betting. Therefore not as much attention is focused on setting player line markets. Consequently there are inconsistencies that are able to be taken advantage of.

How to take advantage of player lines

The bookies don’t take into account multiple factors as much as they should, such as;

  • Injuries

  • Pace

  • Home or away

  • Defensive efficiency

  • Days rest

For example team ‘A’ may have had a back to back away game and they’re missing a starter who is a defensive stopper. Eg. Kawhi Leonard. Yet bookies will not tend to adjust their direct opponents line dramatically. This is one of many factors inbuilt into the playerlinepro model. Therefore these factors combined with player history, advanced stats, analytics along with our final tick of approval; we have created our own model which has returned great results. We don’t expect to win every bet, what we are looking for is individual player trends which betting on consistently will make money over time.

Our 2015/16 player lines record

Most noteworthy we gave out a free daily tip during the 15/16 regular season (starting Feb 22nd). Due to the fact there is safety betting in volume it is extremely risky only giving out 1 pick a day. We finished the season with a 65.4% record. As a result in only 50 days we achieved;


*3 pushes

**Profit based on $100 per bet.

Other notable achievements over the 50 days;

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    Only lost back to back days 3 times

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    Only lost 3 times in a row ONCE!

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    A 6 day win streak

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    2x 4 day win streaks


Profitable players | Player Line Pro

Betting recommendations

Most of all we recommend having accounts with as many bookmakers as possible for a few reasons. Variation of odds can be difference between a win and a loss. Sometimes there is up to 3 points between bookmakers. This may not seem like much but if a line is only 6 points on one book and 7.5 on another that’s a 25% variance!

Every now and then you find a gem like this!

Winner | Player Line Pro

Never bet outside of your means. We recommend single bets, same stake/amount on each, maximum 3% of your bankroll. This can sometimes be a slow grind but it is the only way to compensate for the inevitable ebbs and flows of sports wagering.

Furthermore the playerlinepro team has already been banned or restricted from most bookmakers. To try and avoid this if you are more than $100 bettor, is to spread your bets across multiple accounts especially if you do not bet on any other markets. Red flags will get raised very quickly.

No need to take our word for it. You can check out our results here.

Player lines

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