Danny Green under 8.0

Danny Green has certainly had a roller coaster career, and this year has been no exception, but not in a good way. From the lofty heights of being a potential finals MVP in 2013 to this season where he has struggled with his shot and been flat out awful all year. It speaks volumes to how much confidence Gregg Popovich has in Green that he hasn’t been benched already due to his poor play, he is likely only saved by his terrific defence.

The poor form has led Green not only to miss shots, but avoid shooting altogether. This was abundantly clear in the first game against the Grizzlies only attempting one field goal in 20 minutes. These games and series are going to be a blowout so Green isn’t going to see many minutes at the best of times, and with low confidence and being guarded by Tony Allen for the most part our projection has him way under even this low line.

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