DeAndre Jordan under 14.5 & JJ Redick under 18.5

The injuries to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have created opportunities for both the Clippers bench mob and bettors. In most cases when a star player or two goes down the usage rate of the remaining starters goes up and so does their production. Chris Paul however is not your average star and the remaining Clippers starters aren’t likely to step up so easily.

While the bookies have set their lines higher with the injuries, we dig a little deeper and see that DeAndre Jordan and JJ Redick will suffer more than they will benefit. Both Jordan and Redick are reliant on Paul and to a lessor extent Griffin to create open looks for them.

Proof is in the statistics; Paul assisted Redick for 112 three’s, the most of any tandem in the league, and assisted on 44% of all of Jordan’s field goals for the season. Even Doc Rivers knows not to play JJ without Paul, with more than 90% of his minutes for the season coming alongside CP3. And this isn’t even mentioning that JJ has been carrying a bruised heel for the last two games and looked horrible shooting a combined 5/23 from the field.

There is definitely uncertainty surrounding who will step into the massive void left by Paul and Griffin however the most likely candidate is Jamal Crawford as the numbers bear out that both Redick and Jordan are incredibly ineffective without any help getting them the ball in their spots.

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