Nicolas Batum under 16.5

By March 17, 2016Daily tip

Frenchman Nicolas Batum has been a terrific pickup by the Charlotte, acting often as the main facilitator while Kemba Walker gets his shots up. He’s rebounded from a tough year last season posting career highs in scoring and assists and making a significant contribution to the success of the Hornets.

His increased usage however, has come at a cost, with his fg% and 3pt% the second worse marks of his career. The most outstanding number for Batum this year though has been the disparity between his performance at home and on the road. He’s been better at home throughout his career but this season it is extreme, with Batum averaging 6ppg less on the road than at home. Guarded by a strong defender in Luol Deng we are pretty confident on this projected under.

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