Nikola Jokic – Under 18.5

By February 27, 2017Daily tip

If there is one NBA player we love in the Player Line Pro office its Nikola Jokic, which is why it saddens us to see this slump he is in. Jokic has only covered this line twice in the past nine games and has really struggled to stay on the floor due to foul trouble.

Facing the Grizzlies Jokic will match up with one of the best defensive big men in the league in Marc Gasol. Unlike the huge rim protectors like Rudy Gobert, Gasol is all about reading angles, anticipating the next move and being strong enough to not be budged in the low post. As he isn’t a big-time shot blocker he likely won’t bite on Jokers shot fakes and his big frame won’t be moved around.

At the other end of the floor, Jokic will have to be very careful to avoid foul trouble, with so much of the Grizzlies offense being run through Gasol, he is averaging a career high in usage and gets to the line almost five times a game.

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