Player Line Pro app for iPhone and Android

We are pleased to announce we are currently working on an app for iPhone and Android. Over the last few weeks, we have had a few of you ask what time our tips come out, which bookie the line is on and a number of other important questions. With the new Player Line Pro app, many of these will be solved.

Push notifications

Tips will be sent out via push notification directly to your phone so you will get first access.

Social connection

Connect with us via social and for non-members, sign up with your Facebook account.

Members login area

Using the same login as our website you will be able to view the exclusive All-Star tips and articles.

Update your details

Update your personal and billing details directly in the app so you don't miss a thing.

Many more features to come

We have a huge list of features that we plan on adding to the app, but would love to hear what you want - comment below!
Player Line Pro mobile app


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