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The popularity of player lines or props betting seems to be on the rise. While I believe it is a type of betting that is a distant cousin to daily fantasy it hasn’t gained the same popularity. Maybe it’s a little bit of a double edge sword for the playerlinepro team. While the more people that gain interest that we can make money for by being ahead of the curve. Opposite being with popularity of player lines increasing the more odds makers will invest to keeping them as accurate as possible.

Popularity of player lines on the rise

While in Australia a majority of the bookmakers have sizeable player line markets but in the states such markets have not been available during the regular season. Yet this looks set to change in the coming years.

The US market has been exploring the possibility of making player markets like horse racing with exacta’s and trifecta’s etc. Due to the winnings coming from a pool of money wagered on the event. Therefore they are not at risk from a sharp coming in and placing a large bet. Giving themselves a safety net to trial the interest level in player lines. This is known as parimutuel betting.

Why player lines can succeed

Parimutuel betting operates on commission from the pool of money that is bet on a particular market. Because the US market already has a app for parimutuel betting for horse racing. It would be easy to trial player lines in the market place. The current generation accesses a majority of its information through mobile devices so an app will give the most accurate usage figures for usage. Additionally this is a market targeted toward people who follow players more so than a specific team. These are some of the most recognisable athletes in the world. As we see their faces unlike NFL. Along with the amount of behind the scenes media coverage. Betting something as simple as how many points their favourite player is going to score gives an added incentive when watching a game.


Player lines breaking into the market place

Especially relevant for the first time ever last season the US Westgate sportsbook offered approximately 20 player line markets for each playoff game. Jeff Sherman, an odds maker, said they received so much action that they have already discussed introducing these markets for nationally televised games for the 16/17 season. While probably only a small factor. Daily fantasy based in the state of Nevada was forced to operate elsewhere as the gaming commission wanted daily fantasy operators to be exposed to the same taxes that are applicable to sportsbooks too.

Below are a two podcasts elaborating on the popularity of player lines.

Popularity of player lines | Player Line Pro

19:15 min mark Bob Scucci odds maker talks player props.

Popularity of player lines | Player Line Pro

18:00 min mark Westgate odds maker Jeff Sherman talks player markets.

Finally our favourite discovery of the offseason is Madbookies player bets. Because no other bookmaker has provided this service previously we are extremely excited to trial it for the upcoming season. Much as most bookies offer “pick your own line” markets on the game line, playerbets does just that for individuals statistics. Along with head to head or combining multiple players stats. You can watch a video on it here.

Player Line Pro

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