Technical problems prevented us from analysing the games for Sunday the 6th of March, but nothing stopped our momentum in the win column.

Our mixed results in the daily tips, finishing 4-3 for a small profit, were certainly no reflection on our full tip slate. The overall record for the week was 34-18 and 2 pushes for a 65.4% record.

A terrific result we ended up with a weekly profit of $554. You can see the details of each bet in the tabs below.

  • Kevin Love

  • Julius Randle

  • Giannis Antenokounmpo

  • Eric Gordon

  • Andrew Bogut

  • Jae Crowder

  • Zach LaVine

WinDeAndre Jordan Under (12.5)1.875093.5
WinKevin Love Under (16.5)1.875093.5
LosePaul George Under (22.5)1.87500
WinRobert Covington Under (12.5)1.875093.5
WinRudy Gobert Over (9.5)1.875093.5
LoseEnes Kanter Under (12.5)1.81500
WinKemba Walker Over (22.5)1.875093.5
LoseNicolas Batum Under (14.5)500
WinCJ McCollum Over (20.5)1.875093.5
LoseRobin Lopez Over (13.5)1.87500
WinDoug McDermott Under (14.5)1.875093.5
LoseAaron Gordon Over (12.5)1.92500
WinJulius Randle Over (12.5)1.875093.5
WinChris Paul Under (23.5)1.875093.5
WinDoug McDermott Under (13.5)1.875093.5
WinNikola Vucevic Over (18.5)1.875093.5
WinCJ McCollum Under (21.5)1.875093.5
WinIsaiah Thomas Over (21.5)1.875093.5
WinDwight Howard Over (15.5)1.795089.5
WinZach LaVine Over (14.0)1.875093.5
LoseGiannis Antetokounmpo Under (17.0)1.87500
LoseTobias Harris Under (14.0)1.87500
LoseKawhi Leonard Under (20.5)1.87500
WinJulius Randle Over (13.0)1.875093.5
WinGary Harris Over (13.0)1.875093.5
WinKevin Durant Over (29.5)1.775088.5
WinDevin Booker Over (13.0)1.875093.5
LoseEric Gordon Under (15.0)1.87500
LoseAndrew Bogut Under (6.5)1.87500
LoseNicolas Batum Under (14.5)1.87500
WinAl Horford Under (16.5)1.875093.5
LoseGoran Dragic Over (16.5)1.87500
LoseHassan Whiteside Under (15.0)1.91500
LoseAaron Gordon Over (12.5)1.87500
LoseKyrie Irving Over (23.0)1.92500
WinDeMar DeRozan Over (23.0)1.875093.5
WinKyle Lowry Over (22.5)1.775088.5
WinJonas Valanciunas Over (11.5)1.815090.5
PushRobin Lopez Over (12.0)1.875050
WinJae Crowder Over (15.0)1.875093.5
LoseJared Sullinger Over (11.5)1.87500
WinZach LaVine Over (14.5)1.875093.5
WinKhris Middleton Over (20.5)1.775088.5
PushJabari Parker Over (16.0)1.875050
WinGary Harris Over (13.5)1.815090.5
WinAl Horford Under (16.5)1.875093.5
LoseAnthony Davis Under (24.5)1.87500
WinEric Gordon Under (15.0)1.875093.5
LoseLeBron James Under (26.5)1.87500
WinGeorge Hill Over (10.5)1.875093.5
WinBradley Beal Under (17.5)1.875093.5
LoseKentavious Caldwell Pope Over (12.5)1.87500
WinRobin Lopez Over (12.0)1.875093.5
WinZach LaVine Over (14.5)1.875093.5
WinTony Parker Under (15.0)1.875093.5

No bets placed