We started out this week absolutely on fire, going 19-5 through the first four days including a perfect day and a 6-1-1 record for our lucky subscribers.

After much excitement with the thought that this would be our best ever week that was squashed with three rough days, going 11-13 on the run home.

Finishing the week with a record of 30-18 and one push still gave us a 62.5% winning percentage and a decent profit of $400.50.

For those who don’t subscribe (you should!) and just follow our daily tips, we didn’t let you down there, going 5-1-1. The one push we did update pre-game on Instagram and that new line turned it into a win but we thought in fairness just to count it as a push as the 6.0 line was our original call.

  • Zach Lavine

  • Al Horford

  • Andrew Bogut

  • Devin Booker

  • Jae Crowder

  • PJ Tucker

  • Robin Lopez

WinZach LaVine Over (15.5)1.875093.5
LoseLeBron James Under (25.5)1.87500
LoseDerrick Rose Under (17.0)1.87500
WinDeMar DeRozan Over (23.5)1.775088.5
LoseAndrew Wiggins Under (20.5)1.87500
WinKarl Anthony Towns Under (20.5)1.925096
WinGordon Hayward Over 19.51.925096
WinAl Horford Under (16.5)1.875093.5
WinBojan Bogdanovic Under (15.5)1.875093.5
LoseDerrick Favors Over (16.5)1.87500
PushAndrew Bogut Under (6.0)1.875050
WinHassan Whiteside Over (15.5)1.825091
WinKhris Middleton Over (20.5)1.975098.5
WinWesley Matthews Under (12.5)1.875093.5
WinRobin Lopez Over (11.5)1.875093.5
WinDevin Booker Over (15.5)1.875093.5
LoseEnes Kanter Under (11.5)1.77500
WinDwight Howard Over 15.51.875093.5
WinLeBron James Under 26.51.875093.5
WinRyan Anderson Under (15.5)1.875093.5
WinKyle Korver Under (9.5)1.875093.5
WinLaMarcus Aldridge Over (20.0)1.825091
WinTony Parker Over (11.5)1.875093.5
WinDanny Green Under (8.5)1.875093.5
WinDevin Booker Over (17.0)1.875093.5
WinAndre Drummond Under (16.5)1.875093.5
LoseJae Crowder Over (15.0)1.87500
LoseIsaiah Thomas Under (22.5)1.97500
LoseZach LaVine Over (16.5)1.81500
LoseChicago BullsDwyane Wade Over (21.0)1.87500
LoseHassan Whiteside Over (16.0)1.82500
LoseTony Parker Over (11.5)1.87500
WinPatty Mills Under (8.5)1.965098
WinDanny Green Under (8.5)1.875093.5
LoseDwight Howard Under (15.5)1.87500
LoseKyle Korver Under (9.0)1.87500
WinEmmanuel Mudiay Under 11.51.875093.5
WinIan Mahinmi Over 8.51.875093.5
WinPJ Tucker Under (7.5) @ 1.741.745087
WinCarmelo Anthony Over (23.5)1.875093.5
WinRobin Lopez Over (12.0)1.825091
WinD’Angelo Russell Under 18.51.875093.5
LoseLeBron James Under (25.5)1.81500
LoseChris Paul Over (22.5)1.77500
WinGeorge Hill Under (12.0)1.875093.5
LoseIan Mahinmi Over (8.5)1.87500
LoseKyle Korver Under (9.0)1.87500
WinKhris Middleton Over 20.51.875093.5
LoseGiannis Antetokounmpo Under (18.5)1.87500