Trade Targets Based on Punting Three’s


Today we are going to look at some potential trade targets for seasonal fantasy standard leagues based around punting a single category. A lot of people will also punt free throw percentage along with three-pointers but for the purpose of keeping the list smaller, for now, we will just focus on a single category and as always we ignore turnovers in any type of build.

Punting three’s is a little harder than it once was with the entirety of the league taking and making more and more three’s. 1.5/3PM makes is now about league average which has seen a decrease in the overall ranking and value in players such as Klay Thompson & CJ McCollum who strongest category has historically been three-pointers. Because there are more than ever three’s being made, they are not as scarce therefore there value is diminished.

People are influenced by overall rankings but realistically the difference of overall value between a player ranked 65th vs 80th or 85th vs 105th is so really quite insignificant. It’s all about acquiring the right players to fit your build and improving your weaknesses but being aware of your competition. Example; if you already are winning assists category by a country mile every week, there is no point going out and trying to acquire Jeff Teague who’s value is all tied up in assists.

Just like when you draft, if you decide on a punt three strategy that doesn’t mean you have to get all the worst three-point shooters. Otherwise, you will end up with all big men and weak in assists. Same goes for trading, you are focusing on the stats you are looking to acquire based on your current rosters strengths and weaknesses and your competition while ignoring the three’s category, doesn’t mean you have to trade for players that give you minimal or zero three’s. That being said, if a player is a top 80 player but has a big deficiency in one category he is really strong in others to get him to that position. Thus if you are ignoring that weak category they tend to offer a lot more value in the other categories than another player ranked in a similar position and if you are losing that category a majority of weeks then it doesn’t matter if you lose it by more acquiring that player, you are still going to lose it.

It’s important to note that your current team and competition should always be reviewed before making any trade. I’ll use Jeff Teague as an example again. As mentioned if you are already miles ahead in the assists category there is less value in acquiring him and you should focus your efforts and resources elsewhere. On the flipside he is very weak in rebounds so unless you are already punting rebounds or are extremely strong in that category then he probably isn’t the player for you.

Another method is attempting to do 2 for 1 trades if you happen to have someone on your roster that you have picked up with solid short term value or upside while another player is injured. Rather than just dropping that player I will attempt to try and trade that player, plus another player for a player of similar value (of the better of the two) for a player that better suits my build. Example right now for punting three’s is Marc Gasol and Buddy Heild or Danilo Gallinari for Demar Derozan.

So let’s get into a few examples of players who’s values increase substantially when punting three’s.

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Bam Adebayo

Value gained: 10-20 ranking spots

Projected: 30-35 ranked player

Punting 3s: 15-20 ranked player

He currently falls into the category of punt FT% also the way he has begun the season. Be mindful of this when looking to acquire Bam but historically he has been nowhere near punt FT% and in the last two weeks has only just slightly been below league average which is back to where he was the previous 2 seasons so it was somewhat of a buy-low if people are inclined solely to go off rankings but it looks like that window has closed.

Hassan Whiteside

Value gained: 5-20 ranking spots

Projected: 35-45 ranked player.

Punting 3s: 25-30 ranked player.

Yes, Whiteside is a bad FT% shooter, however, on such low volume of attempts, it’s nowhere near punt territory. It is actually, currently,  the best it has ever been. With a Z score of -0.19. Not far from league average. Great target, so many people are disappointed and disgruntled from drafting him and seeing his performance last season after a top 50, 30 and 20 finishes the previous 3 seasons.



Demar Derozan

Value gained: 10-25 ranking spots

Projected: 45-55 ranked player

Punting 3s: 30-35 ranked player

Perfect punt 3, especially now in San Antonio where they have allowed him to stop shooting 3s after the Raptors made him start taking them. At this point, he is probably a better fantasy player than a real-life player which may be somewhat of a buy-low as he’s a positive or close to league avg in every other category other than 3s.


Richaun Holmes

Value gained: 30-50 ranking spots

Projected: 80-90 ranked player

Punting 3s: 40-50 ranked player

Subpar in the points category but you should have a majority of your points sorted with your top 50 players. Also gives you next to no assists so be mindful of that but that category should be taken care of by your guards. Also doesn’t offer anything positive in the FT% category but certainly won’t hurt you either with his low attempts. A great end of your roster type player that in the correct build, like punt 3s, really solidifies your rebounds, blocks and FG%.

LaMarcus Aldridge

Value gained: 5-20 ranking spots

Projected: 40-50 ranked player

Punting 3s: 30-35

Watch the steals numbers but like Holmes, with assists you should be getting these from your guards but ensure you can take the hit as well as checking the steals of the player you’re trading away. One of the best efficient FT% bigs available.


Stay tuned for our players to target when punting rebounds article.

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