Free agent signings and trades. Part 1

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This will be part 1 of the NBA off season free agent signings and trades. We will touch on each teams signings and trades. How they effect the teams style of play, players expected role, what to keep an eye out for in the future and individuals output. Most of all what player lines we will look to take advantage of early in the season based on the changes.

Signings and trades

Los Angeles Lakers

Okay we’ve all had a good laugh at the Lakers signing. I’m not defending their signings. So I assume their highest paid player, Deng, will come off the bench. Why wouldn’t you play the young talent? Deng was great in the playoffs for Miami with his veteran leadership. Yet I don’t think this translates to a solid entire season. Due to his contract size bookmakers may assume a higher point output. We will look to play the ‘under’ for Loul Deng.

Another astonishing contract, Timofey Mozgov’s. Again not defending the contract. If we look back on the ’14/’15 season where Mosgov started and averaged 25mins/game and averaged 9.5PPG. Seems like Mosgov is going to get similar if not more minutes with no other quality centre in sight. Even at a low usage rate the FG% will be 50%+. Therefore we expect some low lines and will look to take advantage of the ‘over’ for Timofey Mozgov.

Portland Trailblazers

Evan Turner – another contract I don’t agree with. No so much the money more so who gave it to him. Why was Turner successful in Boston? Because he had the ball in his hands. Guess what type of guys Portland have? You guessed it. Guys who need the ball; Lillard and McCollum. Unless Turner can get room at the elbow to operate while Lillard and McCollum’s defenders have to stay at home on the perimetre. We expect a drop in Turner’s scoring output and will be looking to play the ‘under’

San Antonio Spurs

Finally, Pau Gasol ended up on the Spurs. Seems like a match made in heaven. Except for they fact they just signed LaMarcus Aldridge last season. Both fairly similar offensive players. Big men capable of shooting the mid-range. Will be interesting to see how they co-exist. Due to Pop reducing every players minutes to 30 minutes or less like most players that join the spurs we imagine a decrease in Pau Gasol’s minute and scoring output. We really like the ‘under’ for Gasol to open the season.

Golden State Warriors

We have a full article dedicated to Kevin Durant’s signing along with the impact it will have on the Warriors. You can read it here.

Player lines


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