Free agent signings and trades. Part 2

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As in part 1 of the NBA off season free agent signings and trades. We will touch on teams signings and trades. How they effect the teams style of play, players expected role, what to keep an eye out for in the future and individuals output. Most of all what player lines we will look to take advantage of early in the season based on the changes.


Memphis Grizzlies

Chandler Parsons, sorry I just don’t rate him. First of all he is injury prone. In addition he also hasn’t played on a team with as little shooters as the Grizzlies. Parsons may create more space for his team mates but they are not creating it for him. Therefore defenders will likely stay at home with Parsons as he will be the only one who can hurt you from the outside. As a result we will look to play the ‘under’ for Parsons.

Dallas Mavericks

Seems like Harrison Barnes’ contract is that of a 20+PPG scorer. Yet he has never averaging more than 12PPG. Unsure where the line will be set here. Because of his scoring history vs the fact he will likely be the number 1 option on offense now. Consequently if the lines are set too low to begin the season we will look to take the ‘over’. As a result if he does become the teams leading scorer we will look to take the under as the line rises and teams adjust their defense to focus predominately on stopping him.


Chicago Bulls

What an absolute mess of a team. Dwyane Wade just falling into their hands after signing Rajon Rondo. A strange enough signing in itself. This could possibly combine to be worst shooting backcourt in the era of pace and space. First of all Wade not having shooters around him will allow the defence to play up on him and give plenty of help. While Wade is one of the greatest 2 guards ever to play we can’t underestimate the change in environment. Because of distractions of family, friends and organising tickets. Most of all the change in systems. Playing a different style, a strange ‘who’s the alpha dog’ feel. In addition being comfortable in Miami where for so long where everything was routine for him. Therefore we are looking to take the ‘under’ on Wade for the first few months of the season or until the lines starts to adjust.



Due to Bismack Biyombo’s output in the ECF the attention may produce some high lines. He will come off the bench and where will his minutes come from? He will be behind Vucevic and Ibaka. Keep close watch, if Gordon at the 3 fails he will become expendable. As a result look to play the ‘under’ on rebounds. Along with points+rebounds but doubtful that market will be available.



If Derrick Rose & Joakim Noah’s lines open lower than their last seasons averages. Look to play the ‘over’ early. For the simple fact they both get a fresh start with new hope and the energy and belief will follow. More so Noah points+rebounds being the hometown kid, if there is a market.


Golden State Warriors

We have a full article dedicated to Kevin Durant’s signing along with the impact it will have on the Warriors. You can read it here.

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