Tristan Thompson under 7.5

Game one in the Cavs Pistons first round series was one of the better games we have seen so far in a playoffs littered with blowouts and low scoring games. A tight contest all the way through the upstart Pistons actually led the heavily favoured Cavs by 7 early in the fourth quarter.

That was the point however that Tyronne Lue made the bold decision to insert Kevin Love at center to draw Andre Drummond away from the basket and kickstart the Cleveland offence, and it worked. The Cavs ended the game on a 30-18 run with Love finishing with 28 points. So while this may not be a small ball five to rival Golden States death lineup, it certainly had the desired effect of stretching out Drummond and sparking the offence.

Lue has indicated there will be more of this lineup going forward, which brings us to Tristan Thompson. The more Love plays at the five the more Thompson sits on the pine. He is a garbage scorer at the best of times and he doesn’t get many offensive rebounding opportunities against Detroit. Combine that with diminished minutes and our projection has him going well under this line.

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