Week 14 results – 2016/17

Week 14 results

Week 14 was mediocre. Turning a small profit is better than a loss. Due to a public holiday and system issues, we only had 5 days of tips

Week 14 profit

Our record for the week was 11-9 with a win percentage of 55% with a total profit of $57. Biggest turn for us was a two tip day on the 28th of Jan. Both of which missed by 0.5 a point. Very easily could have been 13-7 We now move to 10/14 profitable weeks.

We have tried to re-adjust our model based on the new factors that have emerged thus far. Schedule adjustment; this season has seen a significant decrease in back to backs. Restricting value on under bets. The amount of player’s rested has also dramatically increased from last season (almost doubled to this point). Therefore causing lines to be released late. Also creating uncertainty in player roles.


Our overall record now moves to 190-131 with a 59.2% win record. Total of $3,430 PROFIT based on $100 per bet for the season. You can view all of our all a past picks, results here. #TRUSTTHEPROCESS

Remember the best approach is to have accounts across multiple bookies and spread your bets out. This not only limits the chance of moving the line but also minimises your risk of having bets limited.


Weekly record


Weekly profit*

*based on $100 bets

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