Week 24 results – 2016/17

Week 24 results

An unprecedented amount of players out due to rest and ‘injury’ saw a limited amount of bets this week. Tacking on the last day of the season onto out week we still managed to turn a small profit. Unfortunately, lines were late or limited the final 2 days of the season therefore we could not put out tips with enough confidence. One day we had 2 tips for Otto Porter, points and rebounds, and he was a late withdrawal. So essentially a 5 day week.

We also had 2 app exclusive tips that went 1-1. App only tips are now 3-1 overall.

Week 24 profit

Our record for the week was 10-8 with a win percentage of 55.6% with a total profit of $70. We finish the season with 18/23 profitable weeks for the season. A massive 78.3% (We combined the week before and after the all-star break into one!)


Our record since the all-star break finished at 114-73. Which is a win percentage of 61%. With a profit of $2618*

We are very excited that our app has now launched. I’m sure our team members were too as we sent out 2 app only exclusive bonus tips that also went 2-0. Those of you who missed it. You can download it here.. Currently only for iPhone. However, we are looking at creating for Android so no one misses out on the extra winners.

Season recap & playoffs

A very successful season for our team saw us all profit greatly. Our regular season record of 598 tips finished 353-245 with a 59% win record. Total of $6,211* PROFIT!

We look forward to another successful playoff run. Last season our record was 71-49 giving us a 59.2% win percentage and total profit of $1277. As you can see, we are consistent with our win percentage into the playoffs. However, last season we only gave out 1 tip per day, for the first 10 days of the playoffs. Therefore, we predict we will give out approximately 20 more tips this playoffs totaling around 140 overall. At 59% that should equal almost another $250 profit on top of last seasons $1277.

You can view all of our all a past picks, results here. #TRUSTTHEPROCESS

Remember the best approach is to have accounts across multiple bookies and spread your bets out. This not only limits the chance of moving the line but also minimises your risk of having bets limited.

*based on $100 per bet at odds of $1.87


Weekly record


Weekly profit*

*based on $100 bets

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