Week 8 results – 2016/17

Week 8 results

Week 8 results began much like week 7. Going 3-5 over the first 3 days. We knew we were due for a good run of wins. As a result, we thought the time had come when we went 3-0 on the 4th day and looked to turn a solid profit in the last 3 days of the week. Sadly this was backed up by a 1-3 day and a single tip day, struggling to find value, which didn’t go our way. Again, being well overdue for a good day and staring down the barrel of a break even week we had a day full of value come our way. So the last day of the week, the most tips we have given out on a single day, we nailed each and every one! 7/7!

Week 8 profit

Our record for the week was 14-9 with a win percentage of 60.9% and a profit of $318. Unlike the previous week which saw 5 unlucky losses vs 1 ‘lucky’ win this week was more of a regular downswing. As mentioned previously. If we can break even on the downswings the profitable weeks will be more than enough to account for the slow weeks. We have now had 7/8 profitable weeks at an average of $559 profit per week. At $7.50USD per week for an all-star membership, that’s only a 7,353% return on your investment.


Those of you who have not read our “why bet player lines article” (3min read) We state we do not expect to win every bet. What we have identified is trends that betting on consistently will make money over time. Our overall record now moves to 125-64 with a 66.1% win record. Total of $4,475 PROFIT based on $100 per bet for the season. You can view all of our all a past picks, results here. #TRUSTTHEPROCESS

Remember the best approach is to have accounts across multiple bookies and spread your bets out. This not only limits the chance of moving the line but also minimises your risk of having bets limited.


Weekly record


Weekly profit*

*based on $100 bets

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