Week five results – 2018/19

Week 5 results

The week started as it had been going all season, getting unlucky on close calls with what looked like 2 sure things turning into loses. Which took us to 9-18 on lines decided by 0.5 of a point. I wrote a separate article on this here. Through the frustration we manged to bounce back going 11-1 in the next two days and finished the week 25-14, which now takes us to 96-78 on the year. Free daily tip with a small half unit profit, 4-3. Small bounce back for the daily tip taking us to a total of 19-14 for the season.


Now building up a decent sample size, I’ve added a win percentage column. As previously mentioned the 20+ point range is obviously the high scoring, well renowned players therefore the lines are normally the sharpest. On the opposite end of the scale, the less know players with lower lines is our best win clip. This is the best range to take advantage of looser lines.

WinLossWin %
PointsWinLossWin %

As mentioned earlier only 2 close loses at the beginning of the week;

Zach Lavine – 0.5 point – had 22 at 3/4 time in a close game and only scored 2 more points.

Rudy Gobert – 0.5 point – after having 5 points with less than 8:30 left in the games Rudy dropped 10 points the rest of the way against Gasol.


No matter the size of your bankroll if you want to maximise profitability sign up to as many books as you can to take advantage of the best line and odds. We have already seen how half a point can swing things.

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