Week four results – 2018/19

Week 4 results

A slow start to the week saw us playing catch up mode as we finished the week only just below .500 going 16-17 for the week, which now takes us to 71-64 on the year. Again, we haven’t been soaring to the heights that we’d hoped to thus far but we are not going backwards and there is plenty of basketball left. The daily record took a hit going a miserable 1-5, with one day of no tips. As always looking big picture we are still in the green at 15-11 now for the season.


We are currently working on some more parameters to view even more in depth and once we get a good sample size for this season, around 20 games, we may look to some 2 unit bets which should bolster profits with our most confident tips, ie the daily tip which at 2 units would equal out to a 30-22 record and over 4 units profit alone;


Little bit of bad luck this week with 4 coming down to the wire that could’ve easily seen us in the green;

Jerami Grant – 0.5 point.

Ben Simmons – 0.5 point.

Dwight Howard – 0.5 point – after having 12 at the half and not scoring again as the Wizards went small after being dismantled in the first half.

Zach Lavine – 0.5 point – had 22 points at 3/4 time with a line of 24.5 and still fell short.


No matter the size of your bankroll if you want to maximise profitability sign up to as many books as you can to take advantage of the best line and odds. We have already seen how half a point can swing things.

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