Week one results – 2018/19

Week 1 results

An interesting start to the season no doubt, totals through the roof, I can’t get use to LeBron wearing gold and a few fisty cuffs and after all that we kind of ended up where we started at 13-13 for the week. As much as we would’ve liked to have gotten off to a better start it’s also a lot better than going into a hole and only a matter of time for a break out day.


A touch early for breakdowns with such a small sample size but here it is regardless;

Week 11313

A few close loses which could have easily gone the other way included;

Rozier – 0.5 point

Russell – 0.5 point

Osman – 1.5 points

Evans – 0.5 point

Parker – 0.5 point

Levert – 0.5 point

Excluding the Osman line, if we went a conservative 2-3 on these <1 point losses we would have been 15-11 for roughly a 3 unit profit which indicates we are on the right track.

No matter the size of your bankroll if you want to maximise profitability sign up to as many books as you can to take advantage of the best line and odds. We have already seen how half a point can swing things.

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