Week three results – 2018/19

Week 3 results

We’ve seen it all too many times before, as it looked like we were stuck in the treadmill of mediocrity as if we were the Pistons or Wizards week 3 came and lined our pockets nicely, even with our worst individual day plonked in the middle we still finished the week 21-15. Which may not appear to be anything special to the untrained eye but if we did that every week we would end up around 500-360 for the entire season and approx +125 units. As always, it’s a marathon not a sprint and you can’t put too much into one day whether it being a winning or losing one. Our trajectory has always been up, even if that line sometimes zigzags or flat lines.


Funnily enough where our bread was buttered last season, the 10-20 point range of tips, has just been breaking even so far this season but still a very small sample size;


After a few tough losses in week 1 we have started treading back toward to norm of only a couple of bad beats this week;

Giannis – 0.5 point who sat in a blowout

Collison – 0.5 point who sat on 9 from halftime onward

No matter the size of your bankroll if you want to maximise profitability sign up to as many books as you can to take advantage of the best line and odds. We have already seen how half a point can swing things.

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