Week two results – 2018/19

Week 2 results

Sadly much the same in week 2 as week 1. Still currently treading water with a 21-19 record but it’s not putting us in the red so when the long overdue good week comes we should see a good return on investment. Again, we had a couple of close call as you will see below.


Sample size is slowly building. I decided to change the margins into 5 point margins as rarely will you see a line under 5 and a vast majority of the lines fall into the 10-20 range. Here is an update in the new format after week 2;

Week 22119

Not as many as the 5 misses by 0.5 point last week but enough that could have easily seen us go 23-17 which is a much nicer return that we are aiming for;

Ball – 0.5 point

Exum – 0.5 point

Although we only had two close calls this week we had a Kemba “over” tip that pulled through the app as an under but we have to cop that L as a malfunction of technology. Also the late scratching of Anthony Davis in the game vs the Jazz where we had 4 tips really put us in a hole going 1-3 on the 4 tips but that’s punting!

No matter the size of your bankroll if you want to maximise profitability sign up to as many books as you can to take advantage of the best line and odds. We have already seen how half a point can swing things.

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